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Hello, meet me.

I suppose that all stories properly begin with an introduction; so here is mine.

I’m Helen. (Why you’d give your beloved first born child a name that is most obviously abbreviated to “Hell” is beyond me too. I was named after Helen of Troy- the most beautiful woman in the world and “the face that launched a thousand ships.” Talk about setting me up for a fall- it’ll come as no surprise that I have indeed fallen short of my namesake!)

I have a boxer dog that I love with all my heart and soul, a boyfriend that I’m mildly fond of and a group of the best girlfriends who make me laugh until my belly hurts.

My love of chocolate and Instagram-worthy brunches far outweighs my desire for a thigh gap or sexy visible collar bones. I drink coffee by day and gin by night.

…And I think that’s all of the important stuff covered off there.

Everybody hates that first day in class when the teacher suggests going around the classroom asking everyone to say their name and an interesting fact about themselves. At eleven years of age who has anything interesting to say? I have a pet rabbit, I’m a member of the Brownies and I like Harry Potter is about as good as it gets. At twenty five however you should have something interesting to say, surely?

Well, I don’t.

I’m twenty five, I live in a fantastic city that I love and I’m stuck in a rut. That, ladies and gentlemen, is about it.

I don’t have that granite island in my kitchen that I convinced myself symbolised success, my finger isn’t adorned with a beautiful engagement ring and even a school child wouldn’t be envious of my bank balance.

I’m at a strange age. Some of my friends are free spirits- travelling the world, getting tattoos of elephants and crescent moons and dying their hair an array of different colours. Some are settling down with men they’re fond of and children they’ve made- swapping drunken club nights for late night baby feeds. Some are pursuing flash, glamorous careers- spending their money on fancy new suits and slaving away for hours in their swanky offices.

Me? I’m doing none of this. I’m pottering around in limbo. I don’t have travel inspired hairbraids, baby induced stretchmarks, nor a career enhancing CV. I’m just dawdling.

But that’s okay. It’s okay for now. Some of us take a little longer on our journeys. You know what they say; the best things in life are worth waiting for.






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