Hello world,

I wanted to write a blog to make sense of my life as a twenty something. A twenty five year old who is stuck in a dead-end career with an ever diminishing friendship group and who seems to be eternally broke. It isn’t all bad- I have a lovely (albeit dysfunctional) family behind me and some¬†fabulous friends who share and echo many of my struggles.

Being a twenty something is tough. I’m aware that it’s not socially acceptable to scream at my desk in a stuffy office, I know that whingeing to my boyfriend about how hard done by I am wears thin and I’ve seen that despairing to my parents about my distinctly first world problems renders no response. So what’s left? Writing a blog.

I know that there are a ton of puppy videos you could be watching instead, so thanks for stopping by on my small slice of the internet.

H x