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Disconnecting from a connected world.

We are living at a fascinating time. A time when the world is at our fingertips, when knowledge can be obtained within a couple of clicks and when we can organise our lives from a plethora of apps. Our spending, social lives, fitness, education, love lives…all controlled from behind a tiny glass screen. It’s making… Continue reading Disconnecting from a connected world.

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10 Things I learnt in my 20s.

I’m only half way through and already my twenties have been a huge learning curve. They say your teenage years are awkward and horrible (and they were) but there’s something scarier about being in your twenties. Reckless spending, roller coaster moods and changing direction are all expected and forgiven when you’re a teenager. Yet somehow,… Continue reading 10 Things I learnt in my 20s.

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How do you know they’re the one?

Sometimes you hold me in such a way that I feel safer and more secure in that moment than I ever have in my whole life. Sometimes you tell me I’m cute or that I’m pretty when I know I look awful and yet know (with just as much certainty) that you really, truly mean… Continue reading How do you know they’re the one?

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Babies, bad timing and big decisions.

Sitting at my desk at work, my phone buzzes incessantly. I silence it to continue a work call that I’m making and then sneak a look when I’m free. Three missed calls from my childhood best friend and a text begging me to (and I quote) “please please please run to the toilet so I… Continue reading Babies, bad timing and big decisions.

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Why voting is a must.

With a general election around the corner, I find myself increasingly fascinated and engaged with the political world. How I’m going to be voting I’m actually (no doubt to the dismay of my seemingly opinionated Facebook friends) undecided. I’m still trying to separate fact from fiction. Determining what’s propaganda, what’s bullshit and what’s the harsh… Continue reading Why voting is a must.